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Jun. 23rd, 2011

Bea Arthur

A Tale of Two Cities

"Sadly, sadly, the sun rose; and it rose upon no sadder sight than the man of good abilities and good emotions, incapable of their directed exercise, incapable of his own help and his own happiness, sensible of the blight on him, and resigning himself to let it eat him away."


May. 8th, 2009

Bea Arthur

Oh, writing

"Past Missy had future Missy in mind...."

This is what I said to Adria just now about why I write in this journal.

I wish I had the time and the energy to depict my life now as vividly as I used to.

To give you an idea of what is on tap for this weekend I am posting an email from Tina, Neko's gorgeous stepmother.

"Hello Ms. Missy! I just remembered to look up the Russian Revolution. It began in 1917...as portrayed in the movie REDS. Thank god for paintings and movies...only way I remember such things.

Okay, the Grandparents will be arriving in the afternoon on Friday. We are having stuffed cabbage for dinner so I would like to pick you guys up in the afternoon some time and we can get the rest of dinner ready for when they arrive. Then we go to the play and then to Amy and Michael's afterwards for wine and conversation with Cincinnati's interesting people. The head of Human Resources for Macy's may be there so maybe even some contacts for you. It will be entertaining I am sure. Maybe Blythe will sing. You will like her. She is even livelier than Jennifer.

See you soon I am sure! Hugs, Tina"

Doesn't that sound like the most fantastic evening ever?

I can't wait. I love Tina's parents. I am so afraid of seeing Phyllis again, though. She'll notice that I have gained three pounds. I know she will. She noticed when I lost three pounds, so yeah....she'll know.

Also, I don't know who Blythe is, but I am excited that she may sing for us. Apparently she is an opera singer.

I work on Saturday night because I am working as much as I can right now. Baby is trying to save up for a car. I project that I will have one by the end of June if I keep up my saving.

Monday I am going to visit my advisor to ensure that I have all the credits and classes I need to graduate in December. If all goes according to plan, I won't have to take summer classes. I am so looking forward to a break. This quarter has been so taxing on my nerves. So much group work....so much reading....

If the first quarter's buzzword was "innovation," this quarter's buzzword(s) has been "return on investment." I will most likely be pursuing a MBA some time in the near future. I think I will wait until I latch onto a company that will pay for me to get one before I apply, but I just know that come what may, baby needs to have that business background. I am thinking I will either receive an emphasis in finance or quantitative analysis. Finance is more likely... I was concerned that I would be spending way more time in school, but UC has an accelerated MBA program for full time students that can be completed in 12 months. I am sure other schools have them as well should I decide to move elsewhere.

I haven't gotten to exercise at all since Boston and I have been feeling crappy for that. All I really want to do is drop all the books and start running. I would love nothing more than to work this body as hard as I can. It's true - I am desperate to get back on the long road to thin.

Okay, that is all for now. I must get into bed because I have to get up at 5:30am so I can make it to my internship on time. I don't have to be there until 9:30am, but because of all the buses I have to take, I have to leave my apartment at 7:20am. I walk to the bus stop, get on the bus at 7:40. The bus arrives downtown at 8:00. I get on the 28 bus at 8:15. It arrives in Milford at 9:00. I wait on a shuttle that leaves at 9:20 and I arrive at my internship at 9:30 - approximately 2 hours after leaving my home. It takes a half hour to get to Milford by car. Hence, hey Missy....let's work on getting this fucking car a little faster, huh?


I write this so you remember what you had to do to get where you are now.


Mar. 23rd, 2009

Bea Arthur

Oh, Boston

Boston Runs on Dunkin

There is literally a Dunkin Donuts on every street corner in Boston. I have enjoyed DD twice since my arrival on Saturday. Unfortunately I have not been able to find one that carries apple fritters (all that water and not a drop to drink). Apple Fritters are the only reason I like Dunkin Donuts. When I asked one of the cashiers if they carry apple fritters, he started laughing at me. He didn't know what I was talking about. He suggested I try the Berries N Kreme donut instead (disgusting).

When I told people I was coming to Boston, they all had the same response: "Boston has a lot of history." What the hell does that even mean? Surely every place has "a lot of history." Whether it has been well preserved is questionable. I made sure I repeated the phrase to Neko each time we passed a landmark or point of interest. "Ahh, now we're skirting the freedom trail. You know, this place has a lot of history."

I found quite a bit of history in the city toilet. For 25 cents you can relieve yourself in a self cleaning nuclear fallout shelter. I found that the toilet seat was still wet when I went inside. I guess I was just supposed to accept that because there weren't any paper towels to be found. The Chicago airport had this nifty toilet seat cover machine that was constantly changing the liner with each use. I found that strange as well, but at least my seat wasn't wet. The Logan Airport in Boston has Ipod vending machines, though. What a great idea!

That's all I have for now.


Jan. 8th, 2009

Bea Arthur

Writer's Block: Found Objects

As the old saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. What's the best thing—chairs, roller skates, old electronics—you've ever found that someone else had thrown away?

Honestly? I found a tape of Debbie Gibson's "Out Of The Blue" album sitting on top of my babysitter's trash while I was waiting for the bus. I think I was 8 or 9 years old. Also found in that same pile was one of Tiffany's albums - the one that has the song "I Think We're Alone Now."

I listened to those tapes for months.


Jan. 7th, 2009

Bea Arthur

Watch me work it, I'm perfect.

Have you missed me? I know I've missed me. I have been thinking about what I would like to write for awhile now, and I thought it only fitting with the new year to do a little reflection on what has happened to me in the past year.

If my life were a book, I would title this "The Year of Change."

Big Things
1. I figured out what I wanted to do and got back into school. (This may change once I get this Master's degree in Human Resources. It's great and everything, but sometimes I feel like my life is supposed to take a more dramatic direction).
2. I read at least 55 books that I've always wanted to read.
3. I lost 91 lbs (by dieting and exercising)!
4. I figured out how to have fun regardless of my financial situation.
5. I realized that "things" are not as important as "experiences."
5. I made new friends in Cincinnati

Not only have my appearance and self perception altered dramatically, but I am no longer the girl that allows people to walk all over her. I don't have the time or the energy to waste on you if you're only trying to make me feel as miserable as you are. Sure, I still have my hang ups and I have my moments of despair, but I am taking the initiative and trying to solve my problems, not push them away. I'm working to become the person I have always wanted to be - healthy, interesting, fun, adventuresome, and yes, hot as HELL (you'll see when you finally give me a chance *wink*).

I was so afraid that moving to a new city wouldn't work out for me. I came here with $300.00 in my pocket that I acquired by selling off some things that I never intended to part with. My friends and family seemed to think I would come running back home every time I called with a problem or concern. I stayed because I had obligations and I wanted to prove that I could live on my own. Living here has transformed me into this woman who is absolutely determined to succeed. Every hardship I have faced (from having to ride the bus and walk everywhere to budgeting what little money I make) has been character building, and as whiny as I was at Hiram, I was in need of that.

Bring on the next challenge!

I'm at the point where I can't even imagine living in Warren, OH. "What? No public transportation? No Starbucks? No jobs? How do you people do anything??" When I visit home I am bored out of my mind. There's nothing to do, nowhere to go, and I feel as if I have outgrown the few friends I had left there. I'm hoping that they too one day find the courage to leave.


Dec. 30th, 2008

Bea Arthur

Baby Needs A Diaper...

Baby Needs A Diaper

Watch this. You will laugh your ass off.


Nov. 30th, 2008

Sara Evans

If everyone in the world could give me what I wanted...

...I wouldn't want for more than I have.

Today has just been one of those days.

I resolved to not let it get the best of me, though. I went to the refrigerator where I stood and drank chocolate soymilk right out of the carton. It was delicious. All is forgotten.


Nov. 23rd, 2008

Bea Arthur


"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me ... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. "

-Shel Silverstein

Nov. 7th, 2008

Bea Arthur

How bad could it be if you should fall in love with me?

Would it be wrong of me to post a craigslist ad? Well, not wrong, but in poor taste? I am so ready to find someone.


Why can't they just be lining up at the door?


Oct. 21st, 2008

Bea Arthur

Confessing my sins.

This morning I ate an entire apple fritter and a pumpkin muffin from Dunkin Donuts.

I am going to fatty hell.


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